Our first brew, our best seller and named after our home city.


Chester Gold rapidly established itself as a beer lovers favourite. Hints of lemon and honey give way to a clean but mellow aftertaste leaving you wanting another.


At 3.6% Chester Gold is a beer to be enjoyed whenever you like but in a good beer garden at the height of summer has to be the best.


Earl's Eye is the bend in the River Dee upon which the ancient city of Chester sits.


A satisfyingly full malt characteristic with a grassy and spicy hop flavour makes this amber ale reminiscent of lazy days on the Meadows with a picnic watching the rowers on the River Dee pass by.


You can almost taste the summer.


The oldest race course in the world is situated at the Roodee in Chester.


Having a dark and violent past the Roodee was the site of the City Gaolors fights and then the infamous Shrove Tuesday football matches - the reason horse racing actually exists here - a less violent crowd pleaser.


Darker, with roasted coffee and chocolate flavour. Not at all 'sticky' this is a clean tasting dark bitter.




The Best of Cheshire!


When nothing but a full strength traditional English ale will do, this beer hits the spot.


Our most expensive to brew we combine the finest malts, blended to perfection, with the highest quality English hops available.


Landlords and Landladies!

If you are free of tie and would like us to brew you your very own house beer then this can be achieved very easily and cost effectively.


We will take you through recipe formulation and artwork design so that you have a unique offering bespoke for your establishment and customers.


Why not give us a call to discuss how having your own beer can improve your GP and also get your regulars coming back for more!

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