About us


RateBeer.Com said we are the 'Best New Brewery in Cheshire 2015', and who are we to disagree!


We actually started brewing late in 2013 and understand that recognition, like great beers, takes time and effort.


 A late night conversation in a crowded but tiny bar behind the Belfort in the beautiful medieval city of Bruges is where it all started. Cheshire Brew Brothers is the passion of two best mates. The number of Brew Brothers has grown to three with the addition of Sean our brewing apprentice who is learning the skills of the trade and whom we hope will continue our new-established brewing tradition over many years to come.


That's what Cheshire Brew Brothers is all about really; passion for great beer, the understanding that like all good things (especially beer) it takes time and effort and that if you have your mates with you along the journey all the hardwork will be rewarded with plenty of laughs and a great sense of pride.


Thanks for being part of the Cheshire Brew Brothers journey and please get in touch.


See you down the pub!




The Cheshire Brew Brothers.



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